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MovieLand Video

28 février 2008

anglais langue seconde, suivi d’expérimentation

Come and see how we built activities (listening, reading, writing, oral interaction, grammar & vocabulary) around the movieland theme. As we all know, everyone has watched at least one movie in their life ! Often, these movies are rented in a video store. Therefore, we have created a learning situation in which the adult learner must go through the procedure of signing up for a membership in a video store, selecting a DVD, expressing likes and dislikes regarding movies and finally, creating a DVD jacket with a synopsis. We hope through this to also interest the adult learner in wanting to watch a movie in English.



Journée pédagogique montérégienne (JPM 2017)
lundi 20 mars

Plus de 340 personnes ont pris part à la journée pédagogique montérégienne qui a eu lieu le 28 avril 2017, au Centre de formation du Richelieu de la CS des Patriotes.

Vous pouvez maintenant consulter la présentation de Roch Chouinard qui a prononcé la conférence d’ouverture.